Spammers never give up!!

Since 2 May 2012, we've had 220 people register for this website. Out of those, 90 were spammers which were banned immediately by the systems I have in place. That leaves 130. Out of those 130, 52 either never validated their registrations, OR were caught as spammers by another system that is not quite as easy to objectify. This system does not ban the spam registration, but it doesn't let them verify or login as registrants/members.

If you do the math, out of the 220 registrations, 142 were either verified or potential spammers. That's over 50 %.

I have put a third system in place that checks on both comments and forum responses. If you enter a comment and it contains either a few links to other sites, or meet other criteria, it holds your comment or response until I review it. So far in the past 2 months (since 2 May), I've had only one legitimate comment captured in that system (sorry Tina). All others that were caught were spammers that got through the other two systems. Since we've updated the software for this site on May 2, no unwanted comments or forum replies have gotten through - at least none of which I am aware.

I'll do what I can to prevent spammers from entering the site. However, if one does sneak through and someone notices it, please let me know and I'll deal with it immediately!

Thank you all and have a wonderful day!!!

RalphonThursday 21 June 2012 - 13:50:50
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